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Kaidu provides a wide range of applications for businesses, enhancing their capabilities and performance. Our recent projects showcase the amazing potential of the device and we invite you to learn more about them.


Popup Retail and Concession Stands

Our sensors provide real-time data on customer foot traffic and peak hours. Easily installed, they are ideal for both temporary and permanent retail spaces. Use these insights to improve product placement, staffing, and store layout, enhancing the shopping experience and driving sales.

Event Audience Measurement

Our wireless sensor effortlessly maximizes your marketing event's impact by measuring audience size, movement, and engagement in real-time. It offers essential insights for organizers to assess event success and refine strategies. Use this data to customize future events according to audience behaviours and preferences.

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Trade Show Booth Analytics

Enhance your trade show presence with our wireless sensor, capturing footfall, impressions, and patterns. This data helps evaluate your booth's effectiveness, refine engagement tactics, and boost ROI. Transform your booth into a data-driven success story.

Display Audience Measurement

Revolutionize audience engagement analysis in galleries, museums, and public spaces with our wireless sensor. Track and understand viewer attention with displays. Use these insights to design displays that captivate and maintain audience interest, enriching their experience.


Storefront Analytics

Brick-and-mortar retailers can elevate their storefronts and windows by leveraging insights from passersby, similar to analyzing online browsing behaviour. Data on foot traffic and busy times can inform enhancements in visual displays, merchandise updates, signage addition, and experiential elements to attract more visitors to the store.

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