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Kaidu provides a wide range of applications for businesses, enhancing their capabilities and performance. Our recent projects showcase the amazing potential of the device and we invite you to learn more about them.


Popup Retail and Concession Stands

With real-time, accurate data collection, you can track and analyze foot traffic, customer dwell time, and peak hours seamlessly. The sensor's unobtrusive design makes it easy to install and use, whether in a transient popup store or a permanent concession stand. By understanding customer behavior better, you can improve conversions, merchandise placement, and staffing schedule, ultimately driving sales, and enhancing the shopping experience.

Marketing Event Audience Measurement

Maximizing the impact of your marketing event has never been easier with our wireless signal occupancy sensor. Designed to gauge audience size, crowd movement patterns, and engagement levels in real-time, our sensor provides invaluable insights for event organizers and marketers. Measure the success of your event, fine-tune your strategies, and tailor future events to your audience's behaviors and preferences.

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Trade Show Booth Analytics

Stand out in a sea of booths at your next trade show with our wireless signal occupancy sensor. Capture essential data such as visitor count, impressions, and dwell times to your booth. Utilize this data to assess the effectiveness of your exhibit, improve engagement strategies, and maximize your return on investment. With our sensor, you can convert your booth into a data-driven success.

Display Audience Measurement

Transform the way you understand your audience interaction with displays using our wireless signal occupancy sensor. Monitor and analyze viewer attention, dwell times, and engagement levels with your displays in galleries, museums, or public spaces. These insights can help you create compelling and effective displays that capture and retain audience interest, enhancing their overall experience.


Storefront Analytics

Brick-and-mortar retailers can now transform their storefronts and windows with valuable insights from visitors passing the store. Think of this as visitors browsing your online store. Insights on foot traffic and dwell times can be used for improving visuals, changing merchandise, adding signage, and creating experiences to bring more visitors into the store.

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