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Transform your occupancy sensing with AI 

Maximize your business growth with our traffic flow and behavior analysis platform


Low Cost Solution


Transform your space with Kaidu's low-cost, plug-and-play smart sensors

Ease of Install

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Easily set up and maintain Kaidu's sensors with our mobile app – no IT support needed

Intelligent Decisions

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Make intelligent decisions and gain valuable insights into your customers' behavior with Kaidu's anonymous analytics

Presence detection software solution

Product Placement

One of the key benefits of Kaidu's technology is its ability to increase efficiency and conversions. By using real-time data to optimize staffing and hours of operation, businesses can improve the customer experience and drive sales. In fact, some businesses have reported an increase in sales of up to 15% by using Kaidu's customer behavior insights.

Modern Office

Real-time analytics

Kaidu's wireless IoT occupancy scanners allow businesses to uncover customer and visitor interactions with products and spaces, helping them to identify areas of the facility that are underperforming or not being utilized effectively. This information can be used to make informed decisions about product placement, as well as to optimize the layout of the facility to better meet the needs of customers.


One of the key benefits of Kaidu's technology is its ability to identify "dead zones" – areas of the facility that are rarely visited or used. By identifying these areas, businesses can make adjustments to improve utilization and increase customer satisfaction.



Overall, Kaidu's real-time spatial intelligence technology is a powerful tool that helps businesses optimize their operations and build customer loyalty through accurate, actionable insights. By using Kaidu's technology, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior and preferences, allowing them to make informed decisions that drive success.

1M+ sq ft

Under Monitoring

2 Million

Data points collected per sensor daily


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