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Storefront Analytics Powered by AI.

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Real-Time Crowd Monitoring: Leverage cutting-edge technology to track and analyze crowd density in real time, ensuring efficient management of public spaces and events.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Utilize comprehensive analytics to make informed decisions about staffing, resource allocation, and event management based on accurate crowd data.

Optimized Customer Experience: Enhance visitor satisfaction by understanding crowd patterns, reducing wait times, and improving overall event flow.

One sensor, full insight

Gain a deeper understanding of customer behaviour and store performance through signal analytics. KrowdSense provides you with full insight to optimize your business.

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Out of the box: READY

KrowdSense offers a simple yet powerful approach to crowd management. Its intuitive design is packed with value, delivering real-time insights into crowd dynamics without complexity. Ideal for diverse environments like retail, events, and public spaces, KrowdSense ensures effective and safe crowd control with minimal effort.

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KrowdSense revolutionizes crowd analytics through its innovative signal scanning technology, precisely measuring pedestrian traffic and analyzing dwell behavior. This user-friendly, battery-powered device, easily installed and connected to WiFi, offers a cost-effective and privacy-compliant alternative to traditional camera systems. Ideal for retail, events, and public spaces, KrowdSense enhances safety and operational efficiency by providing valuable data for optimizing displays and traffic flow. Its focus on signal data rather than personal identification ensures privacy, making it a superior solution for improving customer engagement and crowd management in high-traffic areas.

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